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Vocational Rehabilitation Eligibility, Referral, and Roadmap

VR Eligibility and Referral Image

This VR Eligibility and Referral Infographic is available for download as a PDF, High Contrast, Spanish, and Plain Text Document.

Disponible en Español

VR Eligibility and Referral Plain Text:

Vocational Rehabilitation helps people with disabilities get ready to work, find a job, and keep their jobs. It is sometimes called VR or Voc Rehab.

To get help from VR, you MUST:

  • Have a disability
  • Have trouble finding or keeping a job because of your disability
  • Not be able to get a job without VR’s assistance
  • Be able to benefit from VR’s help

To get referred to VR:

  • Call or visit your nearest VR office. A staff member will ask you some questions and complete a referral form for you.
  • OR complete a referral form yourself and email it to


To Contact VR, call 1-800-563-1221

To find your nearest VR Office, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about the Referral Process, CLICK HERE.



Vocational Rehabilitation has created a Roadmap explains the steps you will take when you work with VR. You can download it as a PDF, view the image, or read the plain text below.

Image of VR Roadmap

Roadmap Plain Text:

Vocational Rehabilitation Roadmap

1. VR Orientation

  • Tasks
    • Attend a VR orientation appointment
    • Bring a social security card and one other form of identification
    • Bring any available records

2. Application and Intake

  • Tasks:
    • Meet with VR Counselor
    • Sign application

3. Eligibility

  • Task:
    • Participate in evaluations if requested

4. Write Your Work Plan

  • Tasks:
    • Identify a job goal
    • Determine steps needed to reach job goal
    • Complete work plan with VR Counselor

5. Participate in Planned Services

  • Tasks:
    • Contact your VR Counselor once a month
    • Attend appointments
    • Apply for jobs
    • Prepare for interviews

6. Get Hired!

  • Task:
    • Notify VR Counselor immediately as soon as you get a job

You are Employed!