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Employment Success Series

Image of Morgan's Success Story

Morgan Made Big Moves to Achieve his Goals:

Morgan began his journey to employment in 2015. Not only did he want to be able to pay the bills, but he also wanted to improve himself and find purpose through his work. He decided that you “don’t get a chance to grow being on disability.” At first, Morgan was worried about losing his Social Security benefits, but he did a lot of research, and learned from Social Security Administration’s “Red Book” about how he could have a trial work period to ease into work. He consulted with his network to make sure he knew what to do.

Morgan set work goals for himself and worked with Vocational Rehabilitation to build a network. He kept with it, even when there were setbacks. Eventually, he was referred to TPI, and completed a 3-week assessment to help match him to a job. Morgan decided to make a big move from Kingman to Phoenix for a job opportunity. Now, Morgan works as a Data Analyst, providing records management services to the Division of Developmental Disabilities. As a detail-oriented person, he excels with quality control. His supervisor shared that he’s an excellent addition to the team, where he is known for his quality work, his willingness to grow, and his many puns!

Morgan recommends that other people who have disabilities learn about themselves, and their strengths. Morgan received the advice to “treat your job like it’s your own company” and he lives out this commitment and dedication to his work.

What worked?

Learning about benefits and work incentives, and taking advantage of a Trial Work Period

Building a network through Vocational Rehabilitation

Participating in a comprehensive assessment, and getting matched to a job that uses his skills

Being ambitious and willing to take risks

The Job

Title: Data Analyst

Employer: The Precisionists (TPI); contract with Department of Economic Security (DES)

Role: Manage records and paper files, quality control, filing, manage mail

Hours: Full-Time

“Do as much research as you can…that’s how I got the courage to move forward.”