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Employment Success Series

Image of Brandon's Success Story

For Brandon, No Day is the Same:

Brandon enjoys the variety and excitement at his job. He explains that he gets to do “a little bit of everything” and no day is the same. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Brandon is staying busy helping with pet emergencies and curbside drop offs for appointments. Brandon is a team player and he’s willing to help with whatever is needed.

Brandon decided he wanted to work with animals in high school, and he worked with Vocational Rehabilitation to achieve his goals. After he graduated from Pima Medical Institute, he worked with a job coach to prepare for his job search. Brandon applied to 50-75 jobs, before he was hired by Daisy Mountain. He persevered and kept sending in those applications.

In addition to his work, Brandon volunteers with Arizona Youth Leadership Forum, where he enjoys helping other people who have disabilities learn how to adapt.

What worked?

Finding a career where he can use his passion for helping animals

Working with his Vocational Rehabilitation counselors, and a job coach to search for jobs

Applying to many jobs, and sticking with his job search

Asking clarifying questions at work

The Job

Title: Veterinary Tech

Employer: Daisy Mountain Veterinary Hospital

Role: Assist with pet appointments and surgeries, front desk duties, help with curbside drop offs

Hours: Full-time

Have someone help you look for jobs…apply everywhere!”