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Employment Success Series

Image of Araceli's Success Story

Araceli is Always Learning and Creating:

Araceli is quick to tell you that she learns something new from every kid she works with. She explains that she takes time to find out what works best for each kid. Araceli learned that she enjoys working with kids when she became a Teacher’s Assistant in high school, and then started her own babysitting business. Now, as an employee at College Nannies, Sitters, and Tutors, she brings her creativity to work and shares her passion for art with the families she works with.

Araceli balances her job with school at Scottsdale Community College. She is working towards her goals of becoming a choir director and special education teacher. One day, she hopes to open an art institute for visual and performing arts for people of all ages. She ”found that art and music have really helped me” and she wants to share that with others. Araceli works confidently toward her goals, reminding us that “the most powerful voice you can listen to is yourself.”

Araceli is a firm believer that “any person who has a disability can live independently.” She would like to tell employers not to be afraid of hiring people who have disabilities because they bring unique perspectives and know how to work through challenges

What worked?

Learning about leadership, person-centered planning, and “skills to pay the bills” through Arizona Youth Leadership Initiatives (AZYLI)

Knowing she has someone to call if she feels overwhelmed at work

Support from her mom and AZYLI (where she serves on the Alumni Association Board)

The Job

Employer: College Nannies, Sitters, and Tutors

Role: Provide childcare (including working with children who have disabilities), art projects and activities with kids

Hours: Part-time

Never give up on yourself…There’s always another solution, another way to go about it.”