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Employment Success Series

Image of Sally's Success Story

Sally is on the Frontlines: As an Essential Worker & Disability Advocate:

These days, you can find Sally greeting customers and helping us all shop safely during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the past 3 years, Sally has worked with kids at Fry’s Kids Corner. When Kids Corner closed due to the pandemic, Sally adapted and learned a whole new role in the store.

Sally loves the social aspect of her job, and she values the compliments she receives from regulars at Fry’s. She enjoys the positive work environment and connecting with coworkers. Over time, Sally has learned to speak up about what she needs. She’s flexible, but also clear about her boundaries. She balances work and school, where she just earned a Disability Specialist Certificate!

Sally is a leader and serves on Arizona Youth Leadership Initiatives (AZYLI) Alumni Association Executive Committee. AZYLI has contributed to her success by helping her build confidence and connecting her to other youth who have disabilities. These days, Sally is open about her disability and is a disability advocate. When other youth ask her how she does it, she explains, “It took years to get to this point…but I’m willing to help you.” She is paying forward support she’s received from her parents and mentors. When you talk to Sally, her passion and energy for disability rights shines through!

What worked?

Choosing work she’s passionate about

Working with Vocational Rehabilitation and a job coach when she first started her job

Building confidence and leadership skills through Arizona Youth Leadership Forum

Being flexible, knowing what works for her, and speaking up for what she needs

The Job

Title: Unity Worker/Greeter

Employer: Fry’s

Role: Greeting customers, helping customers shop safely during the pandemic (usually works with children at Kids Corner)

Hours: Part-Time

“Put yourself out there…it’s scary, but it’s also satisfying.”